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Scams with Transcash, PCS and Neosurf

This page will give you further explanations on the techniques that scammers use with escort sites.

How scammers steal money with Transcash, PCS and Neosurf Coupons

You can buy these coupons in any tobacco shop in France. They allow scammers to get paid even without knowing all the numbers thanks to software that allows them to guess missing numbers. By studying their profiles, we see that they systematically indicate cities far from each other. It is impossible for anyone on earth to travel from Paris to Bordeaux, for example. One might also think that these announcements are published by a network manager.

Another unmistakable clue: from the first response to the text message you just sent, the person you are interested in asks you what city you are from. If you ask to chat on the phone, and the person doesn’t give an answer afterwards, or they say they can’t with bogus excuses, then there’s a good chance that this person is not the one who posted the ad in question. You can then give her a city name which is not indicated on her profile, if by chance she replies that she is in the same city then there is no longer any doubt to have. I have also called and the person simulates a recorded female voice, then hangs up under the pretext that it is poorly picked up.

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